The Performing Arts at St. George Catholic School in Baton Rouge

Flores MBA Opportunities at LSU


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Flores MBA

Kirk Fisher is a Louisiana-based real estate professional who has owned and operated Fisher Real Estate since 2013. Kirk Fisher also works as an adjunct faculty member at Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, where he completed his studies toward a master of business administration in finance.

The Flores MBA program at LSU’s E. J. Ourso College of Business can be taken at four different levels. Recent graduate students can look into full-time classes, while working professionals may be more interested in the professional schedule or courses emphasizing executive leadership. The business college also offers online courses. Taking place two nights per week for graduation in just under two years, or four times per month for a 44-month study period, the Flores Professional Program provides balance for study, professional work, and home life.

The Executive Path through the Flores MBA program, meanwhile, focuses on the various management responsibilities executive business leaders must undertake. Classes take place once per week on alternating Fridays and Saturdays, though the program does include international study opportunities. For a complete look into MBA opportunities at LSU, visit

Louisiana Business and Law Society Invites Guest Speakers

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Louisiana Business and Law Society

Kirk Fisher joined Louisiana State University as a master of business administration instructor and executive in residence in 2010. Additionally, he holds executive leadership positions with companies such as Fisher Real Estate and Plexos Group. During his time at the university, Kirk Fisher has spoken before a number of prestigious organizations, including the Louisiana Business and Law Society.

The Louisiana Business and Law Society functions as the Paul M. Hebert Law Center’s only student organization that focuses solely on facilitating communications between law and business minds. Among other activities and events, the Business and Law Society regularly invites guest speakers to discuss a broad range of topics that impact the legal and financial sectors.

Thanks in part to a partnership with the Tax Society, the organization was able to engage representatives from Ryan, an internationally renowned tax services firm. The Ryan lecture presented students with valuable insight into the operations of a major tax services provider. Topics discussed included the myriad non-traditional job opportunities that arise while serving with a firm like Ryan, and the importance of multidisciplinary communication when serving client needs as diverse as automated tax processes and audit defense.

To learn more about speakers and other events relevant to the Louisiana Business and Law Society, please visit the organization online at

St. George Catholic School Hosts Annual Parish Fair

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Annual Parish Fair

Since 2010, Louisiana resident Kirk Fisher has served as chief operating officer of Plexos Group, LLC, based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Outside of work, Kirk Fisher gives back to his community. He has volunteered at St. George Catholic School, helping with the school’s annual fundraiser and auction.

Opening its doors in 1960, St. George Catholic School prides itself on offering a family-oriented community as well as excellent academics. It promotes faith development through service, prayer, and liturgy. With classes from kindergarten through eighth grade, the school has seen more than 4,500 students graduate.

This year’s annual fundraiser, known as the St. George Parish Fair, will run from October 6-8. Attendees can enjoy carnival rides, check out the fun-filled booths, and purchase food and beverages. They can also purchase T-shirts and ride wristbands, the proceeds of which go toward the school. Sponsorship opportunities are available for those who wish to sponsor a booth or game, such as the cake walk or bingo.

Plexos Group Assists Regional Hospital in Kingstree

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A diversely experienced business professional, Kirk Fisher has served as an adjunct professor in the Flores MBA program at Louisiana State University for the last seven years. Most recently, Kirk Fisher also took on the role of senior vice president and COO at Plexos Group, which has offices in both Louisiana and New York City.

Plexos Group has developed a reputation across the United States for its expertise in business advising and complex settlement services. Over the years, the company has leveraged the international experience of its team to serve numerous corporations and government clients. In one of its more recent projects, Plexos Group played a key role in the development of a temporary medical center for Williamsburg Regional Hospital (WRH) in Kingstree, South Carolina.

After suffering immense damage following a flood in October 2015, WRH began the process of opening an interim facility until it could receive a new, permanent building. Over the course of more than five months, hospital leaders worked with outside entities such as Plexos Group to determine which steps they needed to take to erect their temporary facility.

WRH opened its provisional center on December 16, 2016. Housed inside a series of mobile homes, the facility has designated areas for different medical specialties and patient needs. Each of these rooms comes equipped with top-of-the-line medical equipment, from moveable x-ray devices to CT machinery.

Hurricane Sandy – One of the Deadliest Hurricanes to Hit America

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Hurricane Sandy

An MBA instructor at Louisiana State University, Kirk Fisher is the chief operating officer of Plexos Group. Besides managing the company’s business operations, Kirk Fisher of Louisiana also oversaw the company’s recovery efforts for the city of New York after Hurricane Sandy struck.

Hurricane Sandy was a post-tropical cyclone that hit the Caribbean and the northeastern shore of the United States in October 2012. The hurricane claimed 149 lives in the US, 67 in the Caribbean, and one in Canada. The storm also caused an estimated $62 billion in damage, making it the most expensive storm in the United States since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Hurricane Sandy developed to tropical storm status near the Caribbean on October 19. It grew into a hurricane on October 24 when its wind speeds peaked at 74 mph. Sandy made landfall in Jamaica on October 24, tearing through the island on its way to Cuba. It hit Cuba on October 25 and the Bahamas the following day. It was downgraded to a tropical storm before gaining strength over open water and turning north toward the US coast.

Sandy made landfall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on October 29 with wind speeds hitting 80 mph. The hurricane flooded streets, uprooted power poles, and destroyed the city’s famous boardwalk. The storm caused numerous fires in the New York metro area, and at its height left 7.5 million people without power.

Why Hire a Business Consultant?

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Plexos Group

Louisiana executive Kirk Fisher serves as COO for Plexos Group, which offers a wide array of services, including business consulting, to help businesses maximize their potential. How can a business benefit from consultation services?

Most companies are run by experts in their particular industry. For example, people with degrees in hospitality run hotels and restaurants. Experienced contractors and engineers build buildings, roads, and oversee fabrication and design. While business leaders are properly equipped to handle problems that are specific to their trade, their specialization may not include many other components that are necessary for overall success. This is where a business consultant can be of real benefit.

Consultants like Kirk Fisher of Louisiana and the team at Plexos Group of can fill in any gaps in experience and knowledge for businesses of all sizes. Services offered by Plexos include designing and implementing staffing procedures, providing custom analytics and reports, undertaking IT updates and system overhauls, and much more.

Annual Casas for CASA Fundraiser Benefits Abused and Neglected Youth

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A business management professional with over 20 years of experience, Kirk Fisher serves as the chief operating officer for the Louisiana-based Plexos Group and teaches business courses part-time in Louisiana State University’s Flores MBA Program. Kirk Fisher also plays in Better than Nobody, a band that performs at a variety of charitable events, including the Casas for CASA playhouse raffle hosted by the Louisiana chapter of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

CASA operates with the mission of providing children involved in legal proceedings involving abuse or neglect with a court appointed special advocate volunteer. Advocates provide support, speak up on behalf of foster children in court, and help secure permanent and secure homes for children in foster care. Louisiana currently offers 18 programs in 55 parishes, including Northeast Louisiana, New Orleans, and the Capital Area of Baton Rouge.

East Baton Rouge Parish’s Casas for CASA fundraiser is designed to raise public awareness and provide funding for Capital Area CASA Association programs. The fundraiser consists of three summer events that include a playhouse raffle, a silent auction fiesta, and the Kids Day safety and wellness fair. Its central event involves a playhouse raffle featuring an original luxury playhouse as the grand prize. Raffle periods last three weeks, and the Mall of Louisiana displays the year’s playhouse prize until the raffle’s conclusion.